18 February 2020

Seaport Authority Szczecin Świnoujście (ZPMSiŚ) is looking for investors

According to the plans, the deep-water container terminal is to enable access to the largest container ships that are able to sail on the Baltic Sea. A container terminal will be built on the beach in Warszów on the eastern side of the breakwater protecting the outer port.

The area where the investment is planned is an undeveloped area for road and rail transport. The sea area is also an undeveloped basin ready to have the new infrastructure built within. The Szczecin & Świnoujście Port Authority (ZMPSiŚ) is currently working on the preparation of a report on the environmental impact of such a terminal and on obtaining a decision on the environmental conditions for the implementation of this investment.

January, the 31st 2020 ZMPSiŚ published an INVITATION TO EXPRESS INTEREST on its website. The content of it along with details of the investment can be read here: http://www.port.szczecin.pl/en/ports-authority/strategy-&-development/deepwater-container-terminal/# . We warmly encourage potential investors to get acquainted with the details of the project.