4 October 2017

North Macedonia

Republic of North Macedonia is a landlocked country located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. Country area is 25.713 km2.

Two main transport corridors pass though Republic of Macedonia, one corridor is the north-south connection connecting with Republic of Serbia on the north and Republic of Greece in the south, this corridor is known as Corridor X. The other Corridor goes in the direction east-west and connects Republic of Albania and Republic of Bulgaria and is known as Corridor VIII. There is also branch D of the road Corridor X which is called X-d.


Corridor X, with a total length of 172 km will be completed to motorway standars in firs half of 2018, with opening for traffic of 28km new section.

On the existing road  Corridor VIII, with a total length of 304, 36.3 % is already built to modern highway standards.

Macedonia has also developed network of local and reginal roads.


The main line on Corridor X from Tabanovci to Gevgelija – via Skopje and Veles is a single-track line, electrified (25Kv, 50Hz) and relay signal system which allows a good exchange of communication by fiber-optic cable.

The total length of the railway infrastructure in Corridor VIII is about 307 km on the territory of Republic of Macedonia and 152 km (or 49%) are constructed and operational. Аbout 89 km or 25% of the total length are remaining to be constructed on the link with Republic of Bulgaria and 66 km or 20% of the total length on the link with Republic of Albania.


Republic of Macedonia has two main airports: Airport St. Paul the Apostle “- Ohrid, near the border with Republic of Albania, and Airport “Alexander the Great” – Skopje located on the crossroad of Corridors VIII and X, with potential to become an important logistics and transport junction.

The main corridors are part of the indicative extension of the Trans European Networks for Transport (TEN-T) to the Western Balkans and part of the wider network of European transport networks.

Inland waterways

Republic of Macedonia is a land locked Country and has no direct access to sea. Passenger transport exists only on Ohrid Lake with smaller ships from 25 to 150 seats.

Ministry of Transport and Communications of Macedonia