25 September 2017


Geographical location

Poland has a strategic location in the centre of the continental Europe, neighbouring with: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. There are 4 major maritime ports: Szczecin, Świnoujście, Gdańsk, Gdynia.

Location of the country on the international transport routes

Polish transport infrastructure is part of Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T and two of nine TEN-T core network corridors cross its territory: Baltic – Adriatic (North-South axis connecting Central European countries and ports of Baltic and Adriatic seas) and North Sea – Baltic (West-East axis connecting Baltic States, Poland with Germany and Benelux countries). Poland is the transit country for the main transport corridors between Asia and Europe. There are air, rail and maritime direct connections between Poland and China.

Main sea-ports

Main cargo groups: general cargo, containers, ro-ro, coal, liquid fuels, other bulk, passenger traffic

Advantages: Polish seaports are key links in the Trans-European Transport Corridor VI linking Scandinavia with the South-Eastern Europe. Ports are located near airports and highways. Therefore they are well communicated with the rest of Europe and – through regular direct cargo trains from Chengdu, Suzhou etc. – also with China.

Investment possibilities: Polish sea ports offer a wide range of investment possibilities, which are listed in the links below. Actually the main investments project are building of Central Port in Gdansk, container terminal in the Port Swinoujscie and the development of Ostrow Grabowski in the Port of Szczecin .

Inland navigation system

Poland is in the ambitious process of developing its inland waterways through modernization of the main rivers Odra and Vistula and constructing the missing link Danube-Oder-Elbe. Both of them will become an important part of European waterways system (as international waterways E30, E40 and E70). Polish government will need a strategic investor for this ambitious investments projects estimated for ca. 60 bln PLN.

Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation