22 June 2020

On-site loading and unloading operations in China ports without disruption

Ningbo Zhoushan Port at Chuanshan Port Area on-site loading and unloading operations without disruption.

A few days ago, in the Chuanshan port area of ​​Zhoushan Port in Ningbo, there were 5 20,000 TEU- class containers of “Mein Maersk”, “Mediterranean Diana”, “Changzheng”, “Meiteng Maersk” and “East Germany”. Ships are lined up, and on-site loading and unloading operations are in order.

It is understood that, the Ningbo Zhoushan Port Container Terminal Production System (n-TOS)  has been operating smoothly for three months at NBCT Ningbo Beilun Third Container Terminal Co., Ltd., with a maximum of 33,000 TEU’s handled in a single day, ending the history of  large container terminals relying on foreign systems.

Ningbo-Zhoushan Port said that to maintain its competitiveness, it has to rely less on foreign systems that have high maintenance costs and annual fees. There are also additional fees for customising the systems. Is also said that the next upgrade to n-TOS will incorporate artificial intelligence and 5G technology, with more remote-control functions, and include the ability to control unmanned trucks and other applications.

NBCT is a container-handling facility situated at Ningbo Beilun Port, a natural deep-water port on the southeast coast of China. The port has excellent inland highways, rail connections and nautical conditions including a fairway channel with a depth of 18.2 metres and a sheltered harbour.

Source: Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China