30 April 2020

Bulgarian “green corridors” for delivery of goods have been defined

The Council of Ministers defined the Bulgarian border crossing points through which goods will be allowed to pass freely. The plan for defining “Green corridors” along the European road network was proposed by the Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications. It complies with the Guidelines of the European Commission from 16 March 2020.

The main border crossing points at the border with Greece are Kulata and Kapitan Petko Voivoda, while Ilinden BCP being a backup point. The main border crossing points with Romania are at Vidin and Ruse, while the backup points are at Oryahovo and Silistra.

The Council of Ministers also defined crossing points with the countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey, for which the European Union has also taken a coordinated approach activities. The Kalotina border crossing point was established as a crossing point between Bulgaria and Serbia, the Kapitan Andreevo border crossing point is on the boundary with Turkey, and the Gyueshevo border crossing point – on the boundary with North Macedonia.

Crossing the Green corridor border crossing points, including any checks and health checks on transport workers, should not exceed 15 minutes on internal land borders. Green corridor border crossings shall be open to all freight vehicles carrying any type of goods.

Source and the photography: National Toll Administration of Bulgaria, Pixabay