21 September 2019

Polish – Romanian intergovernmental consultations in Bucharest

The intergovermental  consultations in Bucharest highlighted the importance of the Polish-Romanian strategic partnership, which the two countries established 10 years ago to strengthen their cooperation.

“The second edition of intergovernmental consultations is proof that we are determined to pursue our bilateral cooperation dialogue at the top political level,” noted Minister Jacek Czaputowicz.

The ministers talked, among others,  about the activity at the regional cooperation formats, including the Three Seas Initiative, of which both countries are members and where they pursue their common strategic goals. Both sides also expressed their interest in boosting trade.

Both sides expressed their support for the future EU accession of the Western Balkan countries.

The meeting was chaired by both countries’ prime ministers

Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki said after the meeting that both sides shared  “very similar, if not identical views” on many issues.

Morawiecki said that Poland was open to partnership with Romania in areas such as energy transformation, and climate policy and in this context mentioned Romania’s recently discovered natural gas resources and Poland’s plan to become an energy hub in East Central Europe.

“We are open to partnership to joint projects” – the Polish PM declared.

Morawiecki said the EU budget was one of the main topics of the talks and assured that the Wednesday’s talks had helped streamline both countries’ positions in the matter. Among others topics, discussed were, the North South Via Carpathia transport routes.

Commenting on cooperation in trade Morawiecki said Romania was a good venue for Polish investors and declared Poland’s openness to Romanian investments.

Romania’s PM Viorica Dăncilă said at the conference” Wednesday’s consultations enabled both sides to review their two date cooperation and map out it’s future directions. Today’s consultations enable us to outline and note progress in coopearation between our countries and to establish points for future cooperation”

She added that she was satisfied with the signing of multiple memoranda in a range of fields “which are of particular importance to the development of our countries” specifying infrastructure, transport, energy, communication, digitalisation, enterpreneurship and management of European funds.

She was pleased to see Polish enterprise in her country and Romanian projects in Poland, adding that she was sure economic cooperation between Poland and Romania could be expanded to match both countries partnership in security matters.

Dancila also voiced Romania’s support of the Polish Croatian Three Seas Initiative as an important project for both countries future.

Before the press conference both sides signed a joint- declaration on coopeartion, among others, memorandum on cooperation in the field of energy between both countries Energy Ministries, and memoranda on cooperation in maritime and inland shipping and transport.

On Wednesday, Morawiecki was also scheduled to meet with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis

Source: PAP, MFA Poland

Photo source: Pixabay

Publication: Patrycja Zając