5 December 2019

The role of women in fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea

The 17+1 format  seek the opportunity to improve working conditions and promote the role of women in the fisheries sector and aquaculture.

On February 2019 the European Commission presented the findings of the study on the presence and role of women in fisheries in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea mainly in: Croatia,  Greece,  Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Romania.

The study aimed to meet the following specific objectives:

  • identify the distinct roles that women play in the fisheries sector;
  • quantify (to the extent possible) the presence of women in the sector;
  • analyse the current legal framework in the different Member States concerning women’s participation in the sector;
  • identify the challenges and the opportunities for promoting women’s role and presence in the sector;

The study was conducted for the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) by Coffey International Development (Coffey) in partnership with AND International, Poseidon and F&S. 

This report sheds a light on women’s presence in catching, aquaculture, processing, and fisheries-related activities which had not been well documented so far, particularly in the Mediterranean and Black Sea basins.

The insights provided in this study add value to the existing knowledge base in relation to women’s presence and role in fisheries sector.

Available for download here:


publication: Zając Patrycja



żródło: Future of Fish