22 May 2020

Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and Serbia to discuss travel relaxation

Romania’s Prime Minister Ludovic Orban attended an informal meeting on Tuesday, in a quadrilateral format that comprised Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and Serbia, with the Bulgarian and Greek prime ministers and the president of Serbia, as the four leaders discussed possible future measures to ease travel restrictions among the four states.

“The meeting, organised in a videoconference system at the initiative of the Bulgarian side, was a consultation exercise in possible future relaxation measures in a coordinated manner of travel restrictions, for business, humanitarian, family, or tourist reasons among the four states,” according to information released by the Romanian Government.

Orban made a presentation in connection with the ongoing debate in the Romanian Parliament on the legislation regarding the establishment of the state of alert.

“It was thus agreed to keep close contact among the four leaders, and the Bulgarian side also mentioned its intention to hold a formal meeting, at the quadrilateral level, in the near future,” the Government says.

Romanian Governmant